It is about helping you to understand the influence of your relationship history upon who you are and where you are in life including the relationship you have with yourself.

  • What types of internal dialogues are activated for you repeatedly both within your awareness and outside of your awareness?
  • What happens in your relationships with others that you imagine within your unconscious mind as dangers that must be avoided at all costs?
  • How is your actual interpersonal life keeping you stuck feeling that these dangers are real and inevitable?
  • I’ll help you observe how these relational struggles show up in our interactions so that we can use these real time experiences to enhance your self-understanding and open pathways for change.

Relational psychodynamic psychotherapy helps you to become aware of these unconscious dangers and to create new experiences that help you internalize new lessons about how to be with yourself and with others.

I bring a multicultural perspective to all my work. That means we will strive to be mindful of the social and cultural contexts in which you both thrive and struggle. Helping you to identify and overcome exposure to racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of bias, social exclusion, and oppression are central elements of my relational psychodynamic approach to psychotherapy.