The following questions refer to patterns of thinking and feeling that underlie and are common to the type of problems that I can help you overcome. If you recognize yourself in these questions my relational psychodynamic approach might be right for you.

Do you find yourself compelled to stay in control of your thoughts, feelings, actions, and relationships in a way that drains and constricts you? Does this way of being at times drive others away?

Are you sometimes afraid of your own thoughts and feelings?

Do you struggle with shame and guilt about your sexual and/or angry thoughts and feelings?

Is it difficult to be alone with yourself? Do you sometimes feel empty and as if no one is thinking of you? As if you no longer exist.

Do you find yourself stuck in the same painful relationship patterns?

Do you struggle to express feelings of affection and love and end up regretting it?

Do you long for love, sex, friendship yet feel unable to find lasting satisfaction with others?

Do you often feel misunderstood or that others just don’t get you?

Do you generally not feel well and struggle to get your physical and emotional needs met? Do you struggle to take care of yourself?

Do you find yourself avoiding risks or procrastinating in ways that prevent achievement of important goals?

These and other life struggles are the focus of relational psychodynamic psychotherapy. It is these sorts of difficulties that create anxiety, depression, chronic problems in relationships, and difficulties with self-confidence and goal achievement. While your mental health symptoms are important points of focus, I will not lose sight of you as a whole living person. We’ll work to understand the root of whatever problems you bring to psychotherapy so that the solutions will be long lasting.