Psychotherapy for adults, young adults, and adolescents; Clinical supervision and professional workshops


All sessions being held via secure online platform Doxy.me or by phone until social distancing precautions are lifted. Accepting new patients.

Click here for practice policies and precautions to help us through the COVID-19 health crisis.

Getting Through the COVID-19 Health Crisis: How Online Psychotherapy Can Help

If you are experiencing one or more of the following consider contacting me for a consultation to determine if online psychotherapy can help:

  • Fear, helplessness, sense of loss of control
  • Social isolation, missing contact with friends or family
  • Frustration related to social and other restrictions
  • Increased anger and interpersonal and/or family conflict
  • Balancing work demands, parenting demands, and need for alone time and adult socializing time
  • Worry about scarcity or not having access to what you need – reaction to empty store shelves and/or loss of work/income
  • Difficulty establishing routines in ways that impact your well-being (e.g., disruptions in sleep, diet, exercise, spiritual practice)
  • Worry and other strong emotions related to political and cultural environment including management of exposure to virus related information and news media

Online Psychotherapy for COVID-19 health crisis


Dr. Alan Nathan, Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist & Psychoanalyst serving the Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. metro area

Dr. Alan Nathan: Maryland DC Virginia PsychologistWelcome to my website. My practice serves adults, young adults/young professionals, and adolescents. I can help with the following issues:

  • Recovery from painful childhood experiences & traumas including child abuse, exposure to chaotic family environment, loss of a parent … (read more)
  • Adolescent issues including peer rejection/bullying, problems related to divorce/blended families, sexual orientation (GLBT) issues, defiant/high risk behavior, parent-teen relationship issues… (read more)
  • Young professional & young adult issues including problems establishing or maintaining a romantic relationship, self-esteem issues that interfere with pursuit of educational/career goals, problems achieving work-family life balance… (read more)
  • Adults struggling with depression, anxiety, emptiness, disappointment with life circumstances or sense of being unfulfilled, sexual problems, relationship problems… (read more)
  • Many people of all ages experience painful patterns of thinking and feeling that underlie and are common to all of the above issues. Click here to learn more about these common struggles and how my relational psychodynamic psychotherapy approach can help.

I have two office locations:

I offer psychoanalysis and relational psychodynamic psychotherapy to help you develop insight, self-acceptance, and your unique capacities to create new ways of thinking, feeling, and experiencing life and achieving your goals. Short-term treatment is also available (click here for more information about my psychotherapy approach).

I have over ten years of psychotherapy experience including teaching and supervising psychotherapists (click here for more information about my credentials).